martedì 27 luglio 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Staglieno

My trip to Staglieno, which in fact is Genova monumental Cemetery, dates back to June, but as I didn't post any pictures, I think I can do it today.
This pictures is from Caterina CAMPODONICO, which is not my relative.
This is one of the most famous statue in the cemetery.
The Staglieno cemetery was opened around 1854 and was the occasion for the local bourgeoise to represent themselves. There is a lot of marble statues and many famous scultors worked there.
Among these rich people we find "Catainin dae reste", a poor woman who earned her life selling nuts necklaces at fairs. She wanted to be remembered, so in 1881 she saved until she had one of the most famous sculptor of the time, Lorenzo Orengo, to make her a statue.
A son de vende raeste e canestrelli
all'Aeguasanta, a-o Garbo, a San Ceprian
con vento e so, con aegua zu a tinelli
a-a mae vecciaia pe asseguaghe un pan;
fra i pochi sodi m'ammuggiava quelli
pe tramandame a-o tempo ciù lontan
mentre son viva, e son vea portoliann a:
Cattainin Campodonico (a Paisann-a)

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  1. Very interesting statue for a cemetery statue!


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