One branch - Saviane, Santagata, Isola, Astengo

Looking for my ancestors, I discovered we all have been leaving in Genoa since the last century, at least from 1893! The only exception was my mother's mother, who lived in the same region, not very far though, only 73 km from where I live now!
And I know that the last century was not of very high traffic, so I can expect my ancestors to have lived nearby over centuries. I just have to find out where!
Main families involved are:
SAVIANE - my father's, my own. I always have been told that the family originally stem from Castelfranco Veneto, in the North of Italy but in another region, Veneto. 380 km away, far from the sea. But I discovered my grandfather Alfonso was born in Genova. My ggrandfather Alessandro, after his birth in Castelfranco Veneto, moved with hisfamily to Genoa in 1863. It seems my gggrandfather Marco had something to do with the Risorgimento ... Strange, and interesting!
SANTAGATA - my grandmother's. There is a wonderful work on Internet, tracing a family back to the beginning of 1800, but we are not related to them, to this stage. I discovered my grammy had 10 brothers, and some of them had children, so I have relatives around (one of them left for Morocco back in the sixties...). They originally were farmers in the countryside around Genova.
ISOLA - my mother's. I remember my grandpa but he never talked about the rest of the family. They have been living in Genoa for more than a century, as far as I discovered.
ASTENGO - my grandma's. I loved nonna Pepa, and she had beautiful memories she told me about. Her family seems to be the easiest to investigate, since they were a wealthy family, and are related to some noble ones, but it's more difficult to keep in contact with her hometown.

My oldest act during summer 2010 was from 1883, and it is a marriage act of my great-grandfather to my great-grandmother... then, fall 2010, I also have some birth acts from 1866/1867, and some death records take me back to the beginning of the century... now, winter 2010/2011, a friend of mine helped me to trace my family back in the Parishes and I have a marriage act of my GGGrandfather to my GGGrandmother in 1853...
but I will dig even further!