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mercoledì 9 febbraio 2011

An Italian hero! Un eroe risorgimentale...

Grazie alla mia amica Francesca, che riesce a fare per me ricerche sul posto, ho scoperto ieri che il mio trisnonno è stato un eroe risorgimentale, è fuggito dall'Impero Lombardo Veneto per combattere per l'Unità d'Italia.
Questa scoperta è ancora più importante se si pensa che quest'anno l'Italia festeggia i 150 dall'Unità.
Marco Saviane è stato parte di questo, e perciò anche io, adesso, 150 anni dopo, posso essere fiera di essere italiana!
Il documento qua sopra, conservato a Castelfranco Veneto dalla Biblioteca Comunale, a cui è stata donato dalla parte veneta della mia famiglia, dice:
delle guerre combattute
nel 1848, 1849, 1859, 1860-61
istituita con Regio Decreto in data 4 marzo 1865
Il Consiglio d'Amministrazione
dichiara che il Luogotenente ora dimesso dal servizio SAVIANI Marco
appartenente al 65° Reggimento Fanteria
ha fatto la Campagna del 1848 1849 1860-61 per l'Indipendenza e l'Unità d'Italia
per cui ha diritto a fregiarsi della Medaglia suddetta accompagnata da tre fascette corrispondenti alle Campagne cui prese parte.
Dato a Torino il 16 settembre 1865

Caro Marco, sei nei miei pensieri...

Thanks to my friend Francesca, who does research for me on the area, I found out yesterday that my great great grandfather was a hero of the Risorgimento, he fled from the Lombardo Veneto Empire to fight for the unification of Italy.
This finding is even more important when you consider that this year Italy celebrates the 150 anniversary of the Unification.
Marco Saviane was part of this, so now, 150 years later, I too can be proud of being Italian!
The document up here, kept by the Municipal Library in Castelfranco Veneto, which was donated by the Venetian part of my family, says:
of the wars fought
in 1848, 1849, 1859, 1860-61
established by royal decree on March 4, 1865
The Board of Directors
states that the Lieutenant now resigned from his post Saviani Marco
belonging to the 65th Infantry Regiment
did the campaign of 1860-61 1848 1849 for the Independence and the Unification of Italy
for which he is entitled to be awarded this medal accompanied by three bands corresponding to the campaigns which he took part.
Awarded September 16, 1865 in Turin

domenica 9 maggio 2010

52 weeks to better Genealogy - Militari in famiglia

Following 52 weeks to better genealogy, by Ami Coffin, and hosted by Geneabloggers, which is a series of blogging prompts to genealogy blogs around the globe, this week I'll search for Military stories.
Not records, helas, because in Italy where is no on-line Archive to look for.
To begin with, the men of the family that were alive for WW2 were:
my grandfather Alfonso, he was 47 when it began - he managed a factory which produced fruits and vegetables for the Italian army in Borghetto Santo Spirito (SV)
my grandfather Aldo, he was 42 - moved his family in Novi Ligure (AL), far from the bombs. I don't know what he did, probably working in the Naval Industry...
my father-in-law Ermanno was 17, but they said he went in the Navy as a volunteer
my husband's grandfather Ottavio, he was 41 and lived in Africa, where he worked as a truck driver.
The other one, Ugo was 58 and worked as a Town Clerk in Ferrara, managing an Office with 110 employees for the war supplies.
In WW1 informations are lacking even more:
my grandfather Alfonso, he was 22 when it began, so he probably served, getting maybe a Cross of Honor
my grandfather Aldo, he was 17 at the beginning... but I have still no stories to tell!
my husband's grandfather Ottavio, he was 16 at the beginning. He was 18 for the last year of war, so I don't know whether he joined or not.
the other one, Ugo was 33 and joined in April, 1915. As Ferrara was declared a war zone, he was assigned to control the documents of officiers on the express train, in the stretch from Ferrara to Marzabotto.
He went to the front twice, on a mission, when the cholera raged, but came back safe.
He commanded the Carabinieri station in Denore and later went to Comacchio until the end of the war.